Empowerment through Exchange
Empowerment through Exchange


A new brand

Meleya is the fruit of a unique cooperation between students of two continents and two entrepreneurs. It is an umbrella-brand meant to launch a series of fair and special Ethiopian products such as wine, honey, coffee and culture. They bring out the Ethiopian identity (meleya means identity) as well as the values of the young, European consumers.


A new partnership

Meleya offers from Ethiopia and Holland business students an outstanding opportunity to merge profit-oriented business and traditional development cooperation. These young people are the entrepreneurs of the future. Their partnership is based on confidence in each others’ potential, mutual respect in business, qualitative and fair, organic products and cultural exchange.


After three years

Meleya is increasingly successful. Some 90 students - from Ethiopia and Holland, men and women in equal numbers - have built an umbrella-brand together for organic and fair trade products. The first outcome is Ethiopian coffee. Meleya coffee is available on the Dutch market. In Addis Ababa plans are

Michel Le Roux,
Alterego Marketing

‘Meleya offers a new way for different countries and cultures to meet and benefit from each other. Meleya forms a unique embrace between students and coffee growers in Ethiopia on one side, and the European students and consumers on the other.’

Debritu Lusteau,
Mouvements d’Art - Meskel

‘My dream is to see modern businesses still with their identity. To reach that, we need to build a transparent, interactive and very good cooperation.’